Electric Shipping

What if?

  • Ships would emit no NOx?
  • We would reduce cost per container by 60%?
  • Ships could carry more cargo and not need to refuel?

Technical Advantage

Design simplicity and cargo space gains by removing all systems associated with fuel prime movers. No more NOx emissions and a virtually unlimited range of operation.

Market Valuation

An independant market valuation report forecasts that in 20 years our technology can generate $283 Billion in electric utilities and carbon credits, based on 50 ships and at a cost of $0.02 per kWh.

The Competition

Alternative fuels like ammonia, gas, green and blue hydrogen require large production and storage facilities in almost every harbour. 

Maritime Freight Costs

The maritime freight cost per shipping container can be reduced by 50-60%.

Cruise Liners

Cruise companies can expand new routes without shoreside support and can now operate in emission-free zones.

New Frontiers

Deep Sea Mining, Marine Farming and AUV with unlimited range.