Electric Vehicles

What if?

  • EV’s didn’t need batteries?
  • You could drive without range restrictions?
  • You wouldn’t need to stop and recharge?

Addresses Lithium Shortage

Since we don’t need to store power, the use of Lithium is greatly reduced. By scaling down the design of the microgrid power plant – SpinG, this can be installed on board of any electric vehicle.

No Charging Stations Required

No charging stations required, delivering unlimited mileage. Once parked, the vehicle can become a power source for user’s house by charging the power storage.

Car Manufacturer becomes a Utility Provider

Through our technology the car manufacturer will play an active role as a direct electricity utility provider to the user.

Pay Per kWh

We only charge you for the power consumed. The user has access to all modern digital fintech, traditional banking or NFC payment methods.

Transportation Cost

Goods’ transport costs can be greatly reduced, together with their NOx emissions. In the USA, conventional trucks move up to 72% of the nations’ freight by weight.

Cost Effectiveness

EV’s design can be simplified, thus reducing all costs and promoting uptake. No more EV range anxiety for new users.