Micro Power Grids

What if?

  • Power generation could happen where needed, on site?
  • Natural disasters didn’t affect service supply?
  • We could drastically reduce the cost of electricity?

Inhabit New Areas

Due to its size and mobility, a power node can be installed in remote geographical areas, without any infrastructure.

Decentralised Power Plants

Reduces powerline infrastructure, thus eliminating carbon emissions by the national power grid. Our only carbon footprint is during the manufacturing process.

Natural Disaster Mitigation

If such an event occurs, only few nodes may be affected, thus preventing large-scale blackouts. If required, full off-site remote control is available.

Small Footprint

Up to 56MW can be installed in the footprint of one basketball court.


Due to its controlled RPM, its efficiency is constantly over 98%, compared to hydro power at 90%. 

Critical Materials

Our technology displaces the need for large volumes of critical raw materials like copper, nickel, lithium, chromium, etc.

Other Applications

More cost-effective water desalinization plants, independently powered data centres, convert diesel-electric trains to fully electric and total electric aviation are some of the possibilities offered.